Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year (+7 days)

Over the weekend Crud Run Dairies producer, Jason J. Gullickson stopped by with a camera and related gear and we got an "in the process" interview done. It was an interesting exercise in "what have I done so far" and "what do I plan to do." And I had some time to reflect on the project of building the bike, rather than working on the film.

It's funny how you look at something from different points of view. Years ago I knew nothing more about working on a bike (or car, or anything else powered by dino juice) than changing the oil. My first project with the bike was to get the brakes working. After much stumbling, I did get them to work, and looking back it seems like such an insignificant job. Bleed the fluid out, check the parts, get the stuck stuff unstuck, and rebuild - simple right?

Not so much at the time. I remember when changing spark plugs was a big event.

Although not much has changed since then, at least as far as my knowledge of any thing mechanical, but that hesitation to tackle a project seems to be all but gone. One of these weekends will involve pulling the head off the engine to replace some leaky gaskets, and I welcome the challenge.

I'll just have to remember not to throw away any parts that I don't "think" are necessary.