Thursday, January 14, 2010

The film is complete

I am finally proud to announce that American Cafe will premiere May 1, 2010 at Sundance Cinemas Madison(click here for info). The showing is at 4:00pm and will be introduced by yours truly as the director, and Jason as the producer. Tickets are available here.

I would also like to accept the title of worst blog keeper ever. A whole world of change has passed since the last time I updated this thing. Luckily, it's all told in the film, so you'll just have to watch it.

The whole process has been a blast. From attempting to resurrect a basket-case motorcycle into a cafe racer, meeting such great people including members of the Slimey Cruds, to filming it all. And the film has yet to be released.

Overall I think we're very happy with how the film looks. Early reviews are very positive, and I think this will be a project we'll all be proud of. Now I'm just looking forward to this spring's Run weekend.

American Cafe Teaser Trailer from Matthew Cribben on Vimeo.