Friday, September 26, 2008

One week, two days left

...and the tank is shot.

And I'm going to be out of town all weekend.

I finally gave up on the old tank after trying to patch it up for the ump-teenth time. It would be just my luck to get the bike running, ride it down to Pine Bluff, park it, then come back to a puddle of gas at it's feet.

So I need a new tank. And it hasn't been road-tested.

But I did get my title and my license plate, so it's road legal. It's just not ready to run yet.

So with one week to go, if I can obtain a new tank, get it to start consistently, run well on the street, and build enough confidence in it... OK, maybe I'm not going to make it.

However, the VFR is running 100%. I'm expecting to see people down there. And I expect to have a good time on the Run. So I'm going regardless.

And there's always next spring's Run.

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