Monday, June 11, 2007

Phase 2

The tarp has come off. The wrenches are waiting. It's time to get this thing on the road.

Still, plenty of work needs to be done.

(For one thing, taking care of the dust)

So far it's starting to take shape at least physically. It appears that the electronics are the first things that need to be done. Since the back end has been stripped, all lighting removed and only the taillight replaced, it's probably a good place to start.

Some new turn signals are needed, and I'm pricing out various options. The headlight bucket is still in-between stages, and houses a lot of wiring, so that will be tended to as well. Otherwise other than the electric start, this is probably the most simple wiring system I've dealt with. And yes I'm including the old '77 KZ400 (oh the electrical problems with that thing...

Mechanically, the throttle cable is sticking, the exhaust setup is untested, the engine has not been touched (ala the old "it ran when it was parked"), and the forks are in need of attention. And the last big things cosmetically are the handlebars, which are at a terrible height/angle (but are a unique 2-piece thing bolted through the triples, which I won't go into yet), and the seat which still sits up high but is no longer complimented by the tail plastics.

Yet, I'm still hopeful that this thing will see the light of day and the back roads of So. Wisconsin, at least by October of this year.

So it's back to the internets for me, in search of some working turn signals...

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