Thursday, December 20, 2007


Has it really been that long since I posted on here?

I guess time has a way of slipping away...

Regardless, I've managed to make a little progress on the old bike. And more importantly I've discovered options to take care of all kinds of found problems, new and old.

The tail end of the bike is all but complete. New holes drilled, new signals mounted. All that's left is to solder the wires together (I've learned that twisting wires, or even electrical tape can lead to problems down the road - literally).

The front end of the bike is going through a revamp. New turn signals up there to match the rear, new custom-built handlebar configuration (as soon as I can find someone with a welding torch and more skill than me), new gauges, etc. It should take on a new look that will flow a little better with the philosophy of the rest of the bike.

But it looks like the coming weekend is going to be me diving into the guts of the bike: pulling out whatever I can to get at the engine. And according to some random internets article I found (which I conveniently cannot find anymore!), I should be able to pull the head and replace the leaky gasket without pulling the whole motor.

Some more pictures to follow.

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