Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I'm so bad at keeping this thing up to date.

To bring things up to speed, I'll mention my latest additions to the project:

New clip-on bars. - Well, not exactly new. Actually they're from a 1987 Honda VFR. And although they closer resemble "heli-bars", I still mounted them below the top triple clamp, bringing them up to about the height of the top of the forks.

New seat - Again, not new. More like I took a saw to the old seat and molded it down into a (almost) cafe style solo seat. It needs plenty more work to make it look nice, but it works as a place to keep your rear in place.

Various cosmetic and hardware work - not too much to say other than little tweakings here and there.

The Carbs - The carbs were a whole other story. I cleaned them many moons ago and stuck them back onto the bike. Over time the throttle started sticking, so I knew something wasn't right. After a lot of coaxing, I got them back off the bike and tore them apart. And it was a good thing. Various hoses were cracked, throttle valves were stuck, choke valves stuck - it was a mess. After tearing the bank of 4 headache-inducing contraptions apart, and unsticking everything, I discovered the hoses I needed didn't exist in the real world. I needed two 3/4" long T-joint rubber hoses, if that explains it. But since I couldn't find anything, I bought a length of tubing with the right size inside diameter and fabricated my own pieces. They seemed to hold, but time will tell. Finally the whole works went back together, after a LOT of coaxing, but it's all together and on the bike again.

Next: electrics.

Then: time to test fire it.

I'm looking forward to it.

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